Somewhere over Penang Chew Jetty 🌈

Finally after like 10 years closed in my hommie for my previously exam , mom let me take a fresh breath in the town Hoorayy!!
We gave aunt a call to invite her to come along w/ us as she loves outing , like me πŸ˜€
#snapchatscreenshot LOL


SnapchatID : brenda_adnerb

We decided to go for the famous Chew Jetty and as expected there was many crowd there. We walk under the bright smilling Sun and guess what my cheeks turn pinky red owh goshh. We snap alot especially at the rainbow-umbrella-cafe ;👈👈👈


View of the jetty


Aww.. Izit romantic ?


Hey uncle



The colours of rainbow are cute right? I put on a cat mask on my face to gain your mysteriousness nahh its only im pretty in the photo LOL . We even bought dragon fruits yogurt from an icecream stalls called ‘Taste Better ‘ in a pink cup and it’s made of natural ingredients , worth to try it under the hot day to melt in your salivas but unfortunately ive no snaps for you XD
Then we continue our journey … (elephant legs i know)


After tasting some famous hawker food Char Kuey Tiao w/ gigatic prawns inside , we drove back home with great memories …

P.S. Comment for more info about the rainbow-umbrella-cafe location . Thanks for viewing 💕💕

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